Individual Headstones Categories
All Ieuan's headstones are individually designed and then shaped and hand carved into the best quality materials available.
Every headstone is tailored to reflect the individual they are commemorating, from simple layouts to more elaborate designs - almost any design is possible.
Ieuan will work closely with you through all stages of the design and carving process ensuring that every headstone is as unique and individual as the person it represents.

Depending on the rules and regulations of the apropriate Cemetery, Church or Chapel authorities, headstones can be produced in either Welsh Slate Westmoreland Green Slate, Limestones, Sandstones or in Natural shaped stones. Which would be the most appropriate depends on the size and style of the letters, imagery (if applicable) and location as well as their orientation towards the sun.
The letters are normally cut with a deep‘ V ’cut incision, but they can be carved in relief, if appropriate. Images can either be carved with ‘ V ’cut lines or in bass  relief.
For added legibility the letters can be painted if necessary, in a sympathetic durable matt colour.
Most of the headstones are fixed deep into the ground and securily seated in hidden strong concrete shoes as approved by NAMM (National Association of Monumental masons) but if requested headstones can be fixed onto a suitable plinth.

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