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Commemorative & Memorial Plaques

Plaques can be hand carved from Welsh Slate, Westmoreland Green Slate, Limestone, Sandstone, Marble and other stone, all of which have their own characteristics. Which would be the most appropriate depends on size and style of letters, imagery (if applicable), location and surroundings, and if outdoors its position in relation to the sun.

The letters can be deeply cut with a ‘ V ’ cut incision, flat based or in relief. For added legibility the letters can be painted in a sympathetic colour.

Commemorative Plaques & Memorial Plaques on a solid wall are fixed with two concealed stainless steel rods of the appropriate thickness and angled downwards into the wall and the holes in the back of the plaque are drilled upwards so that the plaque is in effect hooked on. The advantage of this method, which I have used successfully for over 40 years, is that the weight of the plaque wedges tight against the rods (fulcrum priciple applies) so it can’t fall off. Another advantage is that no unsightly screws are visible. Stone resin can be applied if necessary.

Fixing on to a partition wall is a bit more costly as I will need to visit the site to inspect the partition or I would need to be supplied with technical drawings showing the wall construction and the materials used.

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Memorial Plaque in Slate.
Slate Plaque.
Rugby Supporters Plaque
Carved Stone Plaque
Memorial Plaque in Stone.
Flowing Itallic Design for Millenium Centre Wales.
Memorial plaque for Thomas Fowell
Square plaque design with a harp and scroll detail.
Circular plaque design with dragons.
Circular plaque design.
Star shaped, lace effect carving.
Naturally shaped plaque with free roman style text.
Oval plaque design with flowing detail.
Oval shaped plaque design with serif typeface.
Tablet style plaque design
Circular plaque design with gold details.
Rectangular plaque design with serif type style.
Circular plaque design with celtic knotwork and boar detail.
Oval plaque design set into boulder.
Oval plaque design with flowing text and cross detail.
Oval shaped plaque design with serif font style.
Oval design for plaque with flowing itallic type style.
Rectangular shaped plaque Carving.
Oval plaque design using a serif typeface.